What we believe

Obesity is a multi-factorial chronic disease requiring a comprehensive approach to both prevent and treat.
Similar to many other medical conditions, obesity is a complex disease, which requires a multidisciplinary
treatment and team approach. This approach must encompass the best standards of care, including
treatments chosen, care coordination and the clinical environment in which services are delivered.

Just as those affected by heart disease receive their care through a coordinated multidisciplinary
treatment team, those affected by obesity should also follow a similar continuum of coordinated care.
Because of the complex nature of obesity and its variety of impacts on both physical and mental health,
effective treatment requires the coordinated services of providers from several disciplines and
professions (both physician and non-physician) within both of these treatment areas.

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Our Mission

The mission of the MCMH is to leverage the
combined impact of medical technology
companies working to alleviate the impact of
metabolic diseases like obesity, and to unite and
align key stakeholders and the larger community
around key education, policy and legislative
efforts in order to elevate obesity on the national

The primary goals of the coalition are:
To prevent disease progression, improve access
to evidence-based treatments for obesity, improve
standards of quality care in obesity management,
to eliminate weight bias, and to foster the
adoption of effective tools for the screening
and treatment of obesity.


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